Support your clients Advance Care Planning needs better with flamingo

We’re taking a new approach to Advance Care and End of Life planning.

Product and service designers delivering simple interfaces and language that turns medical and clinical into clear and personal."

Offer more, without doing more

Our platform allows you to provide a higher level of service to your clients without all the hard work.  

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Reduce unspent funds

Subscription costs are billed to a clients Home Care Package, helping you reduce unspent funds.

Have their information at your fingertips

Our custom built digital platform makes it easy for your clients to understand, create and manage their Advance Care and End of Life planning with support from their GP.

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No additional training necessary

Our solution is designed to be self-driven by your client. If they can use something as simple as FaceBook, they can use Flamingo - meaning no additional training for your team.  

Easy information management

We track and remind clients to keep information up to date  including Substitute Decision Maker details, medical and care preferences including any refusals and organ donor status.

Find this information quickly and easily from any internet connected device.

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We’ve covered the whole service end-to-end

From care plan to emergency, have confidence your clients will have the most accessible and up to date information available for those who need it.







Here’s how it works:

  • Include Flamingo as a service to the client’s care plan

  • Introduce Flamingo welcome pack during the client review of their care plan

  • The client works through the Flamingo tools in their time, at their preferred pace

  • Clients are recommended to meet with their GP for guidance and capacity assessment

  • Flamingo bills you with information about client sign up and any activity agreed upon during the onboarding process. All subscription costs are covered by the client as part of their Home Care Package.

We take care of support, product enhancements and technical capability.  

Looking for specific information?

Drop us an email with details of what you’re looking to achieve or questions you  have about how Flamingo could work for you.

Email us at contact-at-flamingolife-dot-com-dot-au


Book an introduction session with us to discuss how we can support you and the needs of your clients.

All sessions are one on one with a member of our team.

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